WHAT THE *&^% WAS 2020 EVEN?

07 January 2021 / By TBDMedia

Welcome to 2021. At the end of each year, marketing agencies (TBD Media included) beg their clients to prepare overarching goals, strategies, and outlines for the new year. Even if you can’t put together a huge plan, you can still set some markers to help your overall performance improve. We did that for 2020, then we threw a lot of it out the window. BUT ——> so much of our effort and energy HELPED our clients.

Having a plan, even if it ends up broken and messy, can help you survive, well, everything 2020 threw at us and whatever 2021 will. Being prepared is crucial.

Here are some things you may want to consider as you forge into this new year:

What 2021 means for social media

There are always end of year wrap-ups, content and blogs about what worked in 2020 or what people did to get by. Don’t get caught up in trends, but evaluate how channels have evolved and will evolve. Read a bit of digital marketing trend research online or request updates from your agency, vendor or partners. For example, this is huge news: Facebook vs. Apple

How did you do last year?

You should also dig into your own data and reports to gauge what you did and what should stay and what should change for your KPIs. Read through feedback and annual data, and look at Google Analytics, traffic drivers, and previous goals. Using this information should help you pivot or retain plans for 2021. 

Sales Performance

Overall how did your actual business perform? What % of marketing budget did you allocate, and will that grow or shrink? What sales can be tied to marketing? If you don’t know, now is the time to determine the strategy for end-to-end tracking as well. Some of our clients GREW as they transitioned from in-person to online. Data may be super skewed from 2020, but you can still learn from it.

It’s a Whole New World

Ok, maybe not really. But we saw last year things we never thought we would. A mix of social unrest, politics and social media channels going wild plus whatever else 2021 thinks might be funny…means it might stay weird. Buckle up and prepare to ride along. Good luck.