27 February 2018 / By TBDMedia

We are close to a tipping point. Everyone is on the internet and everyone is asking for a lot.

Put yourself in your fans shoes. Fans, even if they’ve liked your page, want to KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don’t you when you’re online? Aren’t you overwhelmed? Seems obvious but, it isn’t to all marketers. To line their pockets, they stretch into convincing you you need landing pages, automations, workflows, processes, an unbearable amount of work to get leads.

It’s simpler than that. We have the inside scoop.

You have to spend a lot of dough on Facebook to get a marketing assistant support – a real person in house. TBD Media has worked hard within fair client budgets to hit that amount, as a goal. As a result, we have that person now. Our person has been meeting with us weekly to enhance our client ads, help us work within Facebook’s best practices, and really hone in on the perfect ad. It’s been enlightening, and game changing.

One type of ad we’re seeing great success with is the Facebook lead generation ad. This is different than anything you’ve ever seen because of one big reason: Facebook already HAS this person’s client info. So, with one click, the person tells Faebook, sure, give “Brand” my info.

In Facebook’s own words:

People simply tap your ad and a form pops up, already pre-populated with the contact information they’ve shared with Facebook, ready to be sent directly to you. Just like that, they can get the information they want—and you generate a qualified lead for your business.

Why is this good? Check the title. People are lazy, lately. Have you noticed? Forms that require more than one click are hurting. We want life easier and easier. So let’s make it easier. The ads are made the way Facebook wants them, so the serve out better – optimized for mobile, for the receptive audience, etc. Facebook lead ads do most of the work of filling out contact forms for people, so people are more likely to finish and send forms.

We have worked with our clients extensively to understand their buyer personas and target demos. We can target these ideal leads and expand what works, diminish spend on what doesn’t, and bring opportunities to you better than ever before. We know you want to see actual business from you digital branding, and that drives our mission for our clients.

There are a few drawbacks, to be fair. These leads might not be as far down the road as we’re used to. That’s ok. TBD can work with you to make your offer truly fit this new option. We can make the ad tailored more accurately to what the idea is – what we want from the person on the other end. We can even integrate with your CRM – so far, the good has outweighed the bad. It simply takes your TBD team expert to know the nuances of getting this just right.

Reach out if you want to know more.