16 January 2018 / By TBDMedia

I tend to think about all of the information out there and what can really benefit our company, clients and ourselves. In my time at TBD, what I’ve learned most about social is the potential for a bottom line impact. You can’t really post and hope it shows value. You have to plan, work and review your efforts continually. That’s where Google Analytics comes in. We use Google Analytics and UTM tracking to ensure the conversations and campaigns have the intended results our clients seek.

In its simplest form, your social efforts and marketing should all have a designed funnel. Within this phase of trying new things, there’s still something you hope a potential consumer does, right? If you are working with an agency that isn’t tracking using UTMs, you might want to revisit this topic.

By network, by post, by style of content, you can see what your audience responds to. As the networks change, as the tips and tricks and best practices ebb and flow, what matters most is a focus on quality.

As a client, you might feel a struggle with ROI – your return on investment. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t take millions of developer hours, our team knows how to track and teach you to see indicators of traffic, leads and conversions. Social isn’t a fix for marketing, it’s more like an updated version of a billboard. But, if you know what action you want your consumer to take, your marketing team should work with you to reverse engineer content that will make that path come true in a smooth form. From these little code and link tweaks in the UTMs, it can tell us who’s clicking, where they are going, and what kind experience they’re having on your site.

You’d be amazed at what this information can tell you. It opens an entirely new world of marketing and tweaking your marketing to ensure ROI. We’ve seen clients fundamentally rethink their strategy, sometimes even their pricing and products. Seriously! When you understand your traffic, you learn more. When you understand your marketing, you can focus on what works and cut what doesn’t. I love being all about that bottom line and really helping my clients succeed.