22 September 2016 / By TBDMedia

Pain Points Series, Volume Two

“Our customers aren’t on social”

This is simply untrue.

Look at statistics for 2016 on just one network:

Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users and 1.09 billion daily active users, on average.

The platform boasts 1.51 billion mobile monthly active users and 989 million mobile daily active users, on average.

Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile.

Facebook is the most-used app.

The average Facebook user has 155 friends. Women have more Facebook friends on average than men: 166 compared to 145.

The site tallies 8 billion average daily video views.

Facebook users rack up 100 million hours of daily video watch time.


The harsh reality is that no one wakes up in the middle of the night to check what’s new on your website. But by gently easing into the newsfeed of a client or potential fan, you can subtly connect and engage.

Social media sites are still growing and future customers flock to online sites to research brands. The other reality is if your competitors are online, they’ve got the advantage.