12 December 2016 / By TBDMedia

From long lines of established brands to the hottest in tech startups, we all know design matters.

But what is ‘design’ actually? Is it a logo? A WordPress theme? An innovative UI?

It’s so much more than that. It’s a state of mind. It’s an approach to a problem. It’s how you’re going to kick your competitor’s ass.


That’s why TBD works with the best designers. Chances are your in-house team isn’t cheap, or doesn’t have time for an immediate turnaround. Many people don’t. We bring a suite of support that is fully vetted, and we often match our client’s desired ‘look and feel’, or aesthetic, if you will, with someone that designs in a like fashion.

Social is more video and image heavy than ever. If someone doesn’t immediately recognize you, you’re losing sales. You’re wasting efforts. You’re not achieving brand recognition, or staying top of mind. Even our writers and editors, our advertisers and SEO specialists, are taught to know basic design principles and meet or exceed the competition. Design brings the vision of your product to life. Good design makes someone love something, even if they don’t know that the design is the reason why.

While your branding and strategy may be in place, it may call for a digital upgrade or some support to make things faster, more relatable, more seamless. We come in and do enough discovery to hear and know what you are, we aren’t changing you. But differing from your traditional thought of print design, graphic design needs to meet certain criteria to be website and social site ready. Furthermore, social channels have different user experience (called UX). You need to partner with a team that knows the nuances of the software, app, or operating system and can help you plan your ideas for a seamless vision expressed to your consumer.

We talk a lot online. For ourselves, for our clients. But show don’t tell is paramount, and sharing your passion through a great design will keep your fans coming back for more.