02 June 2020 / By TBDMedia

If you think social media is for new fans and clients, you’re wrong. That’s one goal – audience growth, ad spends, page likes, sure. But it’s is so far from the right focus, it’s why most small businesses fail at social. If it isn’t obvious: it costs so much more to gain a new customer than to keep an old one.

Why would someone google you?

They already know you and like you. They need what you offer. They want to air a grievance.

 Why would someone connect with you on social?

They have done business with you before. They want to tell a friend about you. They want to know what you stand for.

 Are you being service savvy?

Your content should be supportive and relatable to your existing clients. You should answer FAQs and provide value.

 Think about it.

  • You can offer customer service.
  • You can increase your meaningfulness in that relationship.
  • You can potentially upsell that client.
  • You can turn that client into a brand advocate.
  • You can deepen that relationship.
  • You can ask for referrals.
  • You can offer specials.
  • You can spark an emotional response.
  • You can say THANK YOU.
  • You can offer upgrades, incentives, and add-on purchases.
  • You can provide more value.


This list goes on and on. Being the best at what you do, and showing people that are eager to tell others – then you’re never begging for the like. Your new product launch is more successful. Your organic content will be better received, and supported. Your content calendar creates itself, you get to have fun and enjoy social, not panic about what you’re saying like you’re standing in front of a room full of strangers.

Oh and by the way – if you have a database, email list, or any data on your current customer base, you know your audience. You can create outreach from these lists, web traffic, and data that will bring your online buyer persona to life. Your digital landscape is clearer. If you aren’t running channels thoughtfully, you’re not succeeding as you should – especially compared to a TBD Media client.