13 June 2016 / By TBDMedia

There are a ton of parallels between marketing and accounting. I never thought I’d write that sentence but our client KRD Tax and Consulting has been very enlightening!

Rich came to TBD looking to add something new to the marketing mix. He’s been tremendously successful creating a unique niche – offering outsourced CFO services. Similar to how TBD as an agency tends to be an outsourced CMO/social and digital sherpa of sorts.

Here are some things we have in common:

  • We do the same work for multiple clients, yet each is super unique. The platforms and tools and strategies we employ are similar. But each unique vertical, client and fan base will need its own nuanced approach. Just like in the tax game. Each business can file a report, but the nitty gritty may differ.
  • We help the greater good. Problems can arise for one client that you can extrapolate solutions to all clients with. What’s so cool about that? The experience from one can prepare you for the next, and things you ROCK for someone you can extend to another client. It’s a huge advantage to work with an outsourced planner in either instance to reap that benefit. A win for one client can also be executed for another as well.
  • It’s a slow play. Last minute “Hey I need an extension” is a failure, and so it “Hey I need new clients now!” Marketing takes time and repeated effort. We take on clients for 6 and 12 month deals because anyone telling you that you can get results immediately is lying to you.
  • Education leads to creativity that enhances the relationship. Our clients are experts in their fields and we are experts in ours. There is so much to keep up with – marketing or taxes – you can’t do it all on your own.

Rich is totally incredible. To be honest, it’s been a challenge to find clients that see how rare his skill set is. We love the chance to work with him – and highly recommend him for his accounting savvy. TBD loved discovering how similar our approaches were despite our completely different paths. It’s an honor to have clients like KRD Tax & Consulting.

P. S. – You should get in touch with him if you need anything accounting or tax related.