21 March 2016 / By TBDMedia

Five Fast Tips courtesy of TBD, no charge.

#1 Know your platform

The average user on Instagram is between the age of 18-34 whereas the average Facebook user is age 40. This means that the content you are marketing on Facebook needs to be different than what you’re pushing out on Instagram. The same can be said for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and virtually every other social media site you can think of. You should never post the same thing on each site. Not all networks are created equal.

#2 Variety is crucial to your content

When you do the same thing over and over again you risk boring your audience. Make sure to have a variety in what you’re posting. You should have images, links, questions, memes, cute puppies, a little FUN, a little about YOU. Let your personality shine. We suggest using a content calendar to map your content and receive the best engagement possible. One of the worst things you can do is fill your fans newsfeeds with redundant content. You risk losing potential customers.

#3 Outreach is part of the game

You can’t hit send and pray for the best. You need a plan. Social media requires your brand to get social and have a human element aspect. If you’re having an event let people know about it by joining relevant conversations taking place online. No one wants to talk to a spambot so genuine interactions matter more than ever. As social grows, so does your audience’ expectations. They are setting the bar high, and they’ll be gone faster than popcorn at a movie if you let them down. Outreach, liking their work, supporting them when you need nothing, is a great way to get it in return when you’re in need.

#4 Timing is Everything

At TBD, we have tools to tell us what time our clients desired demographics are active online. Social sites have in-depth algorithms that will determine if your content is seen. To make the most out of organic reach you want to make sure you’re posting at the right times. Facebook insights is a great way to check out when your audience is active.

#5 Stay up to date with the latest trends in social  

Social media is fast-paced. What worked last week/month/year could already be outdated. Social sites are continually changing algorithms and rules for advertisers. Part of our job at TBD is keeping your brand up-to-date on those trends. We take clients to sites with active audiences. If you’re still spending all your efforts on Myspace, we suggest you consider some alternatives.

So what do you think? Will this list fix everything overnight? No. But, it’s a good start to the million little nuanced ways an agency like us works the system in the favor of our clients.