14 March 2016 / By TBDMedia

The thing I love about digital marketing is the constant change. What worked months ago may be completely irrelevant tomorrow.  As digital marketers, we must know what is going to deliver results TODAY. It is critical to be agile – to be able to try new things and watch them succeed or fail. If something fails and you learn from it it’s no longer a  failure. It’s just passé. It’s what not to do. 

I met Cat at an agency where we were given room to roam. Then she roamed, and roamed some more. TBH, I did not envision working for TBD Media three months ago. Then again, it didn’t exist three months ago. I thought I would be at a bigger company doing in-house marketing, (boring, I know). As soon as I sat down and reviewed the clients and strategies TBD Media grew for and from, I knew I wanted to be part of this progressive company. I get to be my best so my clients can be theirs, and that’s the preeminent KPI. 

Together, Cat and I look at client’s goals and come up with a plan unique to them that will get them there. The same digital marketing campaign doesn’t work for every client. Doing something to do it is not only impractical, but it wastes time and money. We see it everywhere, and shake our heads.

If you are not being challenged every day you are not learning. I enjoy waking up every day and thinking outside of the box. Getting stuck in a routine can work, but is it the most effective strategy? TBD Media will succeed because we are an outside of the box type of agency. Hell, even our business cards are square. 

Digital marketing is not going away and traditional marketing agencies, even those ‘built for social’ will continue to struggle if they do not figure out how to adapt. Their bureaucracy will breed our victories. I feel very lucky knowing I work at an agency that is truly ahead of the game. We will continue be untraditional, risky and creative and our clients will continue to see results and absolutely crush it at the digital marketing game.