04 April 2016 / By TBDMedia

This is a fun one – to answer the ‘big question’:

Why should I hire TBD (not just any agency) to man my social channels?

Let’s tackle this point by “we’re a lot of things but humble isn’t one of them” point.

We know better.

Not to say there aren’t smart people out there. They just work for the Rockies, Pizza Hut, and Applebee’s. Seriously. Those people are on our level. You might not be that big. We are bringing the expertise to you anyway. Our team is the brightest. We stay up to date. We read, research, and see changes from miles away. You deserve an expert on your marketing team, not an entry level intern/noob trying to establish themselves.

We are cheaper.

According to Glassdoor, full-time social media managers make an average salary of $51,613. Then you’d need to hire a graphic designer, a marketing manager that understands digital, and probably an ad agency…If you have that much to give us, we can rock it. But typical fulfillment will run you half this. Save your money for your customers, give back, donate, laud your staff, we’ll show you how to best use your budget while only taking a small piece for our own paychecks. We do need to eat, but we aren’t buying ping pong tables. So don’t think of that type of agency when you think of TBD. Think of a small team fighting for you, getting the win, and being way more flexible with our time. We will check in, but by NOT being called to every in-house meeting, we actually get MORE time facing your clients and potential clients online than someone in-house would.

We come with benefits, not request benefits.

Ooh, that’s another way you feel it on the purse strings. You may have hired a person, but that person doesn’t come with scheduling tools, notification tools, reporting software, best practices already built, marketing strategies, It’s like a bonus that TBD has – not only the tools but the HIGHEST end assets. Top of the line, best of the best, you can’t afford on your own tools that will demonstrate ROI, keep you on a plan, in the loop, and headed to success.

Failure is forward progress.

We are trying new techniques on every client. When one works, what’s good for them can be good for you. Our game plans are moving as fast as social and ensure that with extra minds coming up with ideas for you, exclusively focused on earning our keep and showing you real results. It’s not often something goes awry, but it’s the power of an agency to move on so much faster than the intern worried about admitting or fixing a mistake. We optimize, streamline and pivot. No following a plan blindly.