22 September 2016 / By TBDMedia

Pain Points Series, Volume One

The biggest objection most businesses that aren’t using social for sales give us:

“We don’t have the time/money/resources”.

It’s a big oversight to be doing any marketing at all and not to invest a little in social.

With a smart plan, it can easily be the most cost effective route.

Another pet peeve of ours is someone selling you a website or setting you up those channels…to just sit there. So do yourself a favor if you take nothing else away from this and take down those links if you aren’t using them.

The reality is, we can craft a budget and timeline that works. We have tools to make us efficient. We create strategies for all companies, productivity, and include analytics to prove our value.

What we do is not only extremely worthwhile, it’s valuable. In any vertical, even if you aren’t looking for new customers, taking the time to engage existing fans is pure customer service. Reaching out keeps you top of mind. Being friendly and outgoing makes you likeable.

So where do you start?

Find a little time to think about what you can manage. Find a little money to send to someone you trust will manage it appropriately and with your best interests in mind. Find a partner that will guide you to the tools and tips to get you the most for your time and money. It’s really not that scary. When you put faith in an agency that lives for social connections and treats your business like there own, nothing is impossible.

There are more ways to leverage a small budget than you think. And if you’re in good hands, that return will pay dividends you can reinvest.