17 October 2016 / By TBDMedia

The holidays are like a giant floodgate opening. What begins with pumpkin spice lattes is quickly ambushed by Christmas wreaths on every corner before you even put your Thanksgiving turkey on the table.

The heat is on, especially for brands and marketers. Having holiday promotions takes careful planning and a solid strategy. EVERYONE and their mother runs some kind of holiday deal, so what is yours going to do to stand out from the pack? Holiday promotions can make brands flourish or falter, so here’s how to keep your marketing in line while spreading some good holiday cheer.

*Service can be the best gift

You don’t have to give away everything but the kitchen sink. A free call or consultation could be a wonderful way to give for the holidays. A new fiscal year is right around the corner, so brands will be wanting to step up their game. Create a deal for first time customers and consider a friend deal for family and friends who are in town visiting. For existing customers, don’t be afraid of a personal thank you note to long-standing clients or a follow up call asking how someone’s visit was. If you’re a restaurant with heavy traffic during the holidays, take advantage of new customers leaving reviews and offer them a free drink or appetizer.

*Form partnerships and make bundles

Say you’re a new swanky bar that just went in right next to an independent movie theater. Makes friends with your neighbor and team up to offer a holiday dinner and a movie package. Maybe you’re a yoga studio right across the street from a spa and can offer the best holiday treat yo’self deal on the block. Be creative and don’t be afraid to grab coffee with other businesses and brainstorm.

*Plan ahead

If you’re trying to plan a Thanksgiving special the week of, good luck and we’ll be standing by eating popcorn. Like all things marketing, you need to have your strategy in place and get your calendar ready for all phases from the pitch to the reporting. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, either. There are lots of events you can take advantage of like the 8 days of Hanukkah or 12 days of Christmas. Use every day to highlight a new product or tidbit and don’t be afraid to enforce a sense of urgency as the days tick away.


We know your email list may have gathered dust the past few months and we forgive you. Shake it off and use it to your advantage this holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with a little seasons greetings and what a better way to announce a new holiday promotion than through an somebody’s inbox they’re checking multiple times a day.

*Promote on social channels that work best for your business

We just read that 38 million people have saved holiday pins. Thanks to this lovely article by Pinterest, we now know that’s roughly the size of New York and Florida combined. People LOVE to shop online and if you’re not taking advantage of social to sell, you might as well be throwing your money off a rooftop. If you haven’t dabbled much in paid advertising on social, tis the season. Brands should be building Rich Pins on Pinterest that showcase pricing, availability, and other business-specific specs. Try out Facebook’s offer feature. Drive traffic to your website using Instagram. Make a geofilter on Snapchat. Do SOMETHING new and we promise you won’t regret it.

P.S.—If this all sounds great and you want someone to do that work for you, we know some guys. 😉