01 March 2016 / By TBDMedia

What is the TBD difference?

The choice to advertise and market digitally requires a significant level of education. Social is still new, rapidly evolving, and requires a fundamental understanding of what will be done and what you can expect. Social “fails” if expectations are unrealistic.

We know it’s part of our mutual success to teach you what social should be, how it works, and why.

As a client, what will you see from us?


A weekly call isn’t a waste of time, it’s a quick and crucial update to align our teams. We don’t like pointless meetings (read more about how we do meetings here), but we do like taking a moment to say “here’s what we’re working towards this week” and “what else can we do for you?” Each quick hello is a reminder we’re available to instruct and explain. There’s almost always a new change in strategy based on the network or even time of year. You’re in the loop.

*Continuing Education

An in-house team sometimes seems like an advantage on paper but sometimes that person is too close to your brand. As an agency TBD is on top of social first, your brand second. It helps you have the competitive advantage of a team that knows the platforms better than anyone else. We team with representatives and have partners that allow you to get the very best service and support.


Scheduling and social reporting tools can be a large additional cost to your team. When you partner with TBD you are provided with access as part of your monthly package. What’s more, we take the time to track the numbers that matter most and help us all understand what we’re monitoring and why. We don’t just serve numbers, we explain them and what they are doing for you. That’s still a rarity in the market!

*Calendars, Design, Content, Support, Campaign Suggestions…and more!

The normal day to day is delivered to you in a clear and thoughtful way. Everything we do is public and for your approval and according to a plan we’ve tested tried and continually refine. You’ll never have to wonder if we’re holding up our end, it’s in our best interest that we do anything and everything we can to find you success!

There’s always more to learn, try and partner to understand. TBD’s mission is for you to feel our guidance and support every step of the way.