10 October 2016 / By TBDMedia

We don’t do packages. It’s actually been a huge pain point. Every conversation comes down to what should we spend and what will it look like. But TBD was founded on doing the right thing for the client, even if it takes a while to explain WHY what we do makes the most sense.

You are good at making guitars. So go make guitars. Be the best at what you do and let your sales and marketing run their departments too. The need for a resource like us comes in when you realize that hiring some entry level internal position to post on your behalf isn’t enough. Social changes daily and to be successful requires an expert that knows the platforms, that can connect you with an ideal audience. TBD designs strategies around your business that consider all your variables.   

Digital marketing has become increasingly social. It isn’t going away. TBD offers a full suite of customizable packages to supplement your business and website efforts. There’s no one size fits all solution, it’s a custom suit feel, not a department store clearance rack. We want to ensure that people hear the message your traditional marketing, your SEO, and your site tell. So we go hunting online, get people talking, and give them warm fuzzies. We blow their minds with creative, unique social media (don’t say viral but think it). They in turn spread brand awareness thoughtfully and effectively.

We want to deliver the best, and if the best changes, we change too. Flexibility ensures you’re getting the greatest value. Social media is an environment where  “if you aren’t first, you’re last,” and we play for the blue ribbon—not the participation certificate. You need an agency to overcome your pain points, contribute to your customer satisfaction, manage your reputation across the digital landscape, and ultimately drive sales.

Social is embedded in our agency. We have access, knowledge, and the experience to garner attention in new ways. An outside party is exactly what you want objectively reviewing and calculating your focus and investment to drive ROI. Let us genuinely generate revenue above and beyond what you’re spending without traction now.  Stop pretending appeasing management is good enough, and start working the system with a team.

Packages can include

Branding: Logos/Design
Brand Standards/Buyer Personas
Marketing Audits and Reviews/Campaign Audits and Reviews
Email Marketing: Template Design/Drip Campaigns
Monitoring and Measurement/Split Testing/Copy Writing
Mailchimp Execution/Constant Contact Execution
Process Mapping/Salesforce Integration
Social Media: Fulfillment/Creation of accounts
Content Scheduling Software/Campaign Execution Software
Brand Ambassador Coordination    
Social Advertising: Image/Design Creative/Copywriting
Demographic Targeting
Web Design and Development   
Content Strategy/Site Mapping/SEO
Content – Blogging/Blog Strategy
Hosting/Contract Support Retainers
Digital/Online PR
Social Listening/Media Outreach/Press Lists
Press Campaigns/Copywriting
Creating Influencer Lists/Exclusive Releases
General Consulting
Live Event Integrations
Employee Training
Crisis Management
Reputation and Review Software
Reputation Management
Review Management
Ad management   
Tailored campaigns
Google local listings

SO THAT’S A LOT OF THINGS, and you may need a few or many. Let’s outline the plan and make a monthly allocation and attack them in a month to month way, along a path to success that can give you more than you bargain for when we attack your needs from a unique perspective and method. We keep seeing it pay off, ask us what we can do for you.