26 September 2016 / By TBDMedia

Pain Point Series, Volume Three

“Current marketing works”

Man, we feel ya. If you’ve been placing the same corner ad in the same newsletter or the same billboard on the same street, why shake things up? Change is scary. But it can be worth it. Marketing is a tricky thing to understand and you need a partner that you can trust. Here are some thoughts to consider if you’re dissatisfied with your status quo. 

If you can’t attribute sales to your ongoing tactics, different can save you. 

All departments of your company should contribute for diverse content and POV that social thrives on. An agency can facilitate the process and onboarding with great skill. 

No traditional marketing can be reviewed, analyzed, and even edited during live promotions as effectively as social. 

That billboard can estimate how it did, but social channels easily show you numbers on people clicking to your site. The tools get deep, and can follow users to checkout, or to contact us forms. You can know exactly what you get out of your investment. 

Social may,  in fact, be cheaper than traditional marketing.

We aren’t running around wildly sharing junk. A thoughtful approach can get you leads and new clients at great rates. We don’t overpromise, but we do know that we’ve seen great results from small investments. The targeting tools available ensure that your content and ads are seen by the buyers you know are most likely to purchase.

 Analyze, Analyze, Analyze…

Social media marketing allows you to break down content, ads and audience so you know if your strategy is working. You’re able to be as detailed as you want and essentially reach the specific individual you’re after. Can you reach CEO, Susan who likes Business Insider with traditional marketing? Maybe, but not nearly as effectively as you can with social.