09 June 2020 / By TBDMedia

Say you’ve decided to market via email. Or you already are, but you want a refresh. Great. Now what?

People struggle with their inboxes daily. They are sometimes bound to them 9-5. How can you get some attention, and be the best thing that has happened to them in that moment? How do you intrude without being intrusive?

Give that person something they want to open.

What’s your plan?

Email is a HUGE, complex issue. Can it be broken down? Of course. We’ll share a few MUST CONSIDER points now, and lay out the list of “also shoulds” below to guide your process. And if the process looks too big, that’s because it is. Email is an art form.

  • ACQUIRE. First, you need a list. You need to always be growing that list. There is a marketing strategy required surrounding growing subscribers before you can begin to market to them.
  • CREATE. You need content. You need a reason behind that content. Experience from welcome to sale should be targeted and thoughtful.
  • DESIGN. You need to be responsive. Ready for mobile. No one sees your content the same way. If it’s not professionally laid out and creatively designed, it’ll get ignored, or worse, flagged.
  • MAP. This isn’t send after send. This is “if customer clicks “x”, then “y”. What drip process can you automate and what follow through can be outlined before you start anything else?

There are SO many more nuances. Including but not limited to:

  • finding the perfect subject line
  • reviewing post-send analytics
  • domain and Google Analytics measurement
  • lowering bounce rates
  • complying with federal guidelines
  • defining clear CTAs

Email marketing is a beast if you want it done correctly. We’re happy to help you make a plan.