24 October 2016 / By TBDMedia

Twitter is not dying. It’s crucial to business strategy. It’s our favorite. Because we sell like mad on the channel. Time to think of it as more than 140 characters of sharing your brand story, personal problems or political views.

Twitter is still working to be the ultimate social network for brands. Deals with the NFL for TNF, livestreaming, I mean, it’s all just the beginning. Real time, thought leaders, and consumers looking for immediate customer service are online, waiting for YOU. If you’re just tweeting, you’re not doing it wrong…you’re just missing the MORE. Be more like the pros with some of our beyond the newsfeed Twitter advice.


Now more than ever, people enjoy giving their opinion via social media. Twitter allows you to ask a question and give up to four options that the twitterverse can  vote on. This is a great tool to get customer feedback or keep it more lighthearted with a random question that will get people talking and hopefully voting!

Twitter Lists

It’s no secret that the more people you follow the more tweets you’ll see. When you’re a big brand following 10k people, you’re going to miss things. We suggest creating a Twitter lists full of the accounts you show the most love to. You won’t miss a tweet and you’ll be able to create lists full of great info that you can then interact with.

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are free and the best part, they’re trackable. Twitter cards allow you to send people to your website, gather leads or drive installs to your apps. Add some crazy creative copy, eye-catching imagery and hit the launch button. Put a little budget behind the card and see what happens. SPOILER ALERT: you see more results on top of what’s already happening organically.


No matter what industry you’re in or what your goal is, Twitter chats are awesome. There are so many weekly Twitter chats to choose from and it’s a great way to socially network. We have seen great results with engagement rates and in some cases even hosted our own Twitter chats.


Moments have just been released to all accounts and are being reshared by huge accounts. You want influencers sharing what you post, and a brand strategy around sharing like a spiderweb. Share what you’re most proud of, jump on a relatable topics, and show people the realness behind your brand. Make authentic connections and move them down your funnel  

Go out there and do ALL OF THE Twitter things… or have a pro take all that weight off of your shoulders.