17 January 2017 / By TBDMedia

One of the myriad of awesome things about having an agency (no, not just any agency, TBD!) work on your digital marketing is the access to partners we have. A few months back we noticed a dip in our success rates on social media advertising and immediately spent time working on the root of the problem across the board. We were the top, loving the results, what happened? When we got in touch with Facebook we were able to talk to our marketing and advertising partner, who explained recent changes in how ads are served, perceived and graded and how the grading affects their efficacy and reach. Big changes came and Facebook wasn’t letting everyone know!

The part important for clients and potential clients to understand is that knowing this information has given us the upper hand again. Since learning this information, regarding relevancy, styling and best practices that have totally been restructured, TBD rehoned and changed our ad strategy to make sure that the content that we serve, the creative, planning, and targeting that we work so hard on – was 109%. We have to give you the best possible ads and lowest rates – that’s how we continue to serve you. Since the change, we’ve righted the ship and are back to seeing great growth in all Facebook ads we serve. 

There is a LOT of process and planning that goes into being a great advertiser on social media. It also plays into the overall content marketing strategy of your accounts. We take the time to make sure that we’re doing the best we possibly can. And now, with our software reporting and tools that very few agencies have – we’re able to document and explain demographics, reach, success, and strategy that leads us from month-to-month better than ever! We are ensuring we’re finding the right valuable connections on social media to make the investment you’ve made worth its time. That’s the TBD way.