21 January 2021 / By TBDMedia

2021 = even more pivot mode.

We have always been fans of creators. In 2020 we were forced to be agile, to change our businesses, to work from home, to sell online. And I can’t believe I am writing this again a year later, but we’re basically in the same boat. COVID is still a problem with logistics, distribution. people’s lifestyle. We still have sweet little kids and pets running around while we’re trying to do…anything.

What do you do if you are struggling? While this isn’t marketing per se, we want to remind you that there are people out there that care about you and want you to succeed – even if you haven’t met them yet.

Brainstorm. What can you do differently to promote what you make, or sell, or work from home helping? What is your biggest passion? What brings you joy? There are ways to link joy to work, promise. Times are tough enough, you can’t let work bring you down.

Hire a consultant. If you are burnt out, 30 minutes to an hour to talk about this with NOT YOUR MOM can really help you clarify your vision. We employ the best in the business and are discounting our time to help people get through COVID (no more free work, we all need to eat). Book a call here.

Change your routine. It was tough and we found coping mechanisms but it’s easy to do that then get in a rut. If you challenge the way you think, you’re more likely to find problems you can solve or new things you can try.

Find a tribe. There are TONS of local groups on all social media channels. Hashtags that become groups. Groups in your neighborhood. Other people looking for help. Take a big first step. Reach out to some strangers on LinkedIn. You never know what can happen if you try.

If you aren’t able to pivot on your own, an outside marketing agency is a GREAT way to pick expert brains and position yourself in a unique marketplace – even if you aren’t on Amazon Prime. Reach out if we can help.