14 January 2021 / By TBDMedia

The beginning of the year can feel hectic and 2021 has us like, come on man, just, be cool, you know? Marketing might not be top of mind. But, it’s so crucial! You may find yourself searching for new ways to reach out online. To help we’ve got this quick list you can use to refresh your social channels:

Imagery on home pages

Each network has it’s own image dimension and placeholder for your account. They sometimes change. Your photos may look pixelated, dated or need an update if you have new news to share. We don’t always visit our own home pages, so this is a good time to review them.

Biography and basic “about” information

While you’re on your account, take a look at your bio too. Often these descriptions can use a refresh. Even if it’s fine, try adding a new hashtag or maybe a link to something specific you can track. Updating any old information is also often a free notification that will receive extra organic reach.

Check-in on ‘friends’

Acting as a business account you can like, comment, message, and/or share (aka engage) other businesses content. This habit is one of the most important to keep up with and the first to go out the window when other marketing endeavors leapfrog this time. Saying hi is a great reminder you’re there and can always result in new business, besides just being nice! 

Ask for something (AKA SHOOT YOUR SHOT)

If you feel like you’re a giver online already, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral, review, feedback or opportunity. You can privately message existing clients and ask if the testimonial can be shared online. Boom, more content. 

Accounts get stale if you let them. While you have grand plans for content and ads, it’s always smart to include the home base of your online channels into your checkups. If you would like someone to audit your current online presence, we’d be happy to discuss that with you. Do that here.