28 January 2021 / By TBDMedia

2021 is already a doozy. With stories, and reels, and fleets, and tiktoks…like there wasn’t already enough to focus on! It’s another wild year and you need to be creative. You need to stand out. All of your competitors are doing the same things in digital marketing – setting up a page, posting, growing. Brands are serving ads and spewing out content saying, “Please notice us!”. Creativity allows you to get noticed without begging for it by trying something new.

Your process should craft something true that resonates. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, here are some points you should consider:

*Creativity rules. Spray and pray fails. Post and ignore fails. If there’s no passion on your team, there will be no results or success. Why would anyone care what you’re doing if it’s so clear you don’t care what you’re doing beyond checking boxes? Engagement is art with strategy behind it. If you don’t know where to start, think about your best customers.

*Intrigue sells. Your product marketing (no matter what it is you’re selling, t-shirts, or wealth management consulting) can’t always be heavy-handed. So what do you talk about? Things that help solve a problem, make someone aware of their problem, pose someone a thoughtful question that makes them realize you’re the solution. And every so often a really cute puppy.

*You might be too focused. In house you know what you are, it’s what you’ve always been. Hiring an outside creative consultant to learn your story and turn around to tell it can give you a huge advantage. More than ever, marketing agencies that find success online are developing creative teams. You need to be multi-disciplined and aware of all basic advertising tenants as well as what the company brand is.

*Positivity wins. No one minds marketing that is clever enough or interesting enough. They’ll let that invade their space and time. They might even share it instead of ANOTHER baby photo. It’s easier said than done, but it’s possible. Then all of a sudden you’re growing a tribe. You’ve got advocates. It’s a slippery success slope.

*It ain’t easy. Brilliance is the result of a Creative Director’s stress and struggles to illuminate that shining light bulb. You might not be set on that path, but the good news is it’s available for hire. When TBD has the ah-ha moment, you get the win.

Digital marketing is 50/50 creative right brain, data to measure left brain. Few agencies, never mind people, can be both. Don’t be fooled by a big box approach, or something so methodical it lacks potential. If you’re feeling stuck, let us be a breath of fresh air and help you create a new approach.