TO BE Reachy, Facebook Style

Facebook was new once, and free once. Then it got really, really popular... your Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt and possibly even dog have a Facebook account, it’s a busy space. There are now over 18 million companies who have a business Facebook page and that means all the content being published is competing to make it into your Grandma Jo’s Facebook feed.

Shocking, but Facebook is also a business. They opted to monetize their site by charging businesses to advertise to that massive audience. If you created Facebook, you would have done the same thing. So don't be mad, be smart! The ever-changing, aggressive use of the site makes having a clear Facebook strategy key to getting the most reach out of your posts.

Organic reach is the free version. And it continues to decrease. Why did Facebook decide to this and what does it mean for your brand?

No one truly knows the science of Facebook’s complicated algorithm - how and what will show up on that scrolling feed at any given time. What we do know is that Facebook is more likely to serve content to people who have interacted with your page in the past. Facebook is also more likely to show content that has photos or videos. The longer your content has been posted the less likely it is to show up in someone's news feed.



Wanting to get the most out of your Facebook reach? We have some advice worth trying.

  1. Have a social strategy, don’t just post content to post content. Consistent thoughtful content suits your fans best.

  2. Post at non-peak times. You might have less of an active audience but there will also be less content that you are competing against.

  3. Share original content that truly shows your brand. Photos of your employees, office, activities etc. People want to see a human element!!

  4. When people engage with your content make sure to return the favor. You should also be engaging with other brands and businesses.

  5. Content should make sense. Avoid being too wordy and make sure to throw in some fun, helpful content (think: infographics, articles, tips) when necessary.

A creative strategy that focuses on valuable content is brilliant. Even BETTER - join this with a little bit of ad spend. Even $5 will help your brand get the most out of Facebook’s audience. Your fans DO want to hear from you. Rise above the noise and they will!

We spend at least $50 per client on page likes per month. Non negotiable. Find new friends. Create new possibilities. 

We suggest you boost posts you want seen. Or that we know will perform well. It's a brand touch play.

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