TO BE A Doer

Last week we pushed your buttons on the creative side. But you can’t have one without the other. Not now. So what does it take to execute cool everything once you’ve bought into the concept you need cool everything?

The best laid plans of yours will go astray. Accept that but fight the good fight. Our clients receive step by step plans for phases of growth, funneling, and activation. Your customers are living a life away from their screens but the creative concept can get their attention if you plan, review, measure, and adapt.

Here are questions you need to ask before you hit ‘send’ on that tweet, or hire that intern to Instagram, or give away a car.


  • What is your goal?
  • What is your objective?

  • What is the one thing that will make you feel like you’ve succeeded?

  • What are we launching?

  • What is the timeline?

  • What does the broader, overarching marketing support look like?

  • Are these metrics fair and reachable?

  • How will we track them?

  • What are you currently doing?

  • Is it working?

  • Why/why not?

  • What is your per network mission and agenda?

  • What are you inspired by?

  • What are the demographics of your social audience?

  • What is your content plan?

  • What does your content calendar look like?

  • Is your website converting?

  • Do you track new leads?

  • How can you attribute leads to social?

  • What is your current cost per client acquisition?

  • What is your desired cost per social acquisition?

If you don’t have these answers, you probably aren’t seeing the results you want. If your team doesn’t bring these objectives to the table, they are failing your company. Thankfully TBD can audit, consult, and correct. Our methods mesh creative and data. You need both.